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Aatas Cat Kofu Klump Cat Litter (6 liters)

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Aatas Fragrance-Free Natural Tofu Cat Litter
An eco-friendly cat litter made from 100% pure natural human-grade soybean curd

Available in 6 liters bag size

These lightweight tofu pellets are formulated to be 2x more absorbent, and clump quickly upon contact with liquids, while effectively neutralizing unpleasant odours with its naturally occurring soy isoflavones.

They are biodegradable, water-soluble and toilet flushable, making them a convenient, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly option for your cat’s toileting needs.

The 99% dust-free pellets are also soft on kitty paws, and keep your home clean by reducing tracking.

- Odour Control
- Reduce Tracking
- Scoop & Flush
- Instant Clump
- 99% Dust-Free

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Aatas Cat Kofu Klump Cat Litter (6 liters)

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