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Artificial Fiddle Fig Plant - White/Green (120cm)

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Adjustable appearance, simply remove from the packaging and reshape to your liking. No other tools are needed throughout the process. The base of the fake fiddle leaf tree is made of sturdy cement to prevent children and pets from knocking it over.

No sunlight required, no watering, no pruning, no leaf drop , it is always alive and full of vitality like a living plant. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or duster if they get dusty.

Green all year round, ideal for housewarming gift. Recommended for indoor decoration. For outdoors, we recommend placing it in a covered area to avoid direct sunlight. Perfect for home, office, commercial area, party, hotel, interior decoration or any other corner that needs greenery décor.


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Artificial Fiddle Fig Plant - White/Green (120cm)

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