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Dog Pee Tray with Lock

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Avaialable in S & M Size
2 Colours- Pink & Blue

Benefits of Pee Trays

1) It makes things easier: When you see signs of trouble, you take your pup and run them outside. Otherwise, you face unnecessary clean-ups. That can be stressful. But, when training your puppy to use a pee pad tray, you won’t need to panic and sprint towards the door.

2) It frees up your time: Place pee pad trays in areas where your pup can easily access them. So, whenever you're not at home, your pee pad gives you peace of mind that your puppy will not hold it in or do it at some other place that they shouldn't.

3) It helps protect your home: As mentioned in the previous item, your pup will have a pee pad tray for them to do their business. So, you no longer have to worry about your dog peeing on your carpet and other furniture.

It is easy to clean up: Pee pad trays are quick and easy to clean. After your pup does its business, you can have it cleaned in a matter of minutes—no need to scrub and deodorize. Throw away the pad, and you're done.

4) It keeps your pup healthy and safe: You should be careful of bacteria that your puppies may be exposed to, especially during the early stages of their puppyhood when they are still young enough for vaccines. With a pee pad tray to do their business in your home, you no longer have to take them outside and risk them contracting viruses and other bacteria.

Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Colors may differ slightly due to different lighting.

Standard delivery takes 2-3 days

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Dog Pee Tray with Lock

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