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SHEBA Melty Cat Treat (48g)

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SHEBA melty wet snack for cats is prepared with premium quality ingredients and are also available in different flavors. They are:

• SHEBA Melty Cat Treats – Katsuo & Katsuo and Salmon Flavors
• SHEBA Melty Cat Treats – Chicken & Chicken and Whitefish Flavors
• SHEBA Melty Cat Treats – Tuna & Tuna and Seafood Flavors,
• SHEBA Melty Cat Treats – Tuna Flavor

• CREATE A BONDING MOMENT - SHEBA Melty cat treats are the perfect way to help create a bonding moment between you and your cat.
• FINEST INGREDIENTS - SHEBA Melty cat wet treats are made from finest ingredients • EASY TO HOLD - Our sleek SHEBA Melty cat treat is easy to hold, making it simple to feed your cat by hand
• JAPANESE RECIPE - These cat treats are made with a Japanese recipe that will tantalize your kitty's taste buds
• CONTAINS - 12g x 4 SHEBA Melty Cat Treats, 48g.

Cats are known for having sophisticated palates and discerning tastes. To entice your cat, offer them premium cat treats from SHEBA. Our cat treats for cats come in a variety of flavors. Your fancy feline is sure to love each one of them!

SHEBA Melty is a treat for cats that you can feed your cat by hand. It is an irresistible cat treat that will help you to strengthen your relationship with your cat. This cat treat from SHEBA is easy to push out of the sleek sachet.

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SHEBA Melty Cat Treat (48g)

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